Ketan Doshi

Ketan Doshi

Managing Director

Meet Ketan Doshi, the dynamic Managing Director of Pay Point India Network Pvt. Ltd. With a Masters in Financial Services Management from Mumbai University, Ketan is a visionary entrepreneur who thrives on cultivating a culture of empowerment and leadership within his organization. Ketan's magnetic personality enables him to forge meaningful connections with individuals at all levels, from esteemed C-suite executives to humble retailers. His natural charisma and effortless communication style add a touch of panache to his interactions. As a first-generation entrepreneur, Ketan has meticulously constructed his company from the ground up, endowing him with an intimate understanding of every facet of his business. His astute financial acumen, coupled with a keen technological aptitude, has propelled his company towards continuous growth and resounding success over the past decade. Driven by an unwavering commitment to service excellence, Ketan is always on the lookout for innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. With impeccable timing, he strategically intervenes to transform potential opportunities into triumphant accomplishments. Ketan's unwavering objective is to revolutionize Last Mile Delivery of Financial & Payment Services through a scalable, technology-driven platform. As a result, his company has built an expansive distribution network spanning India, with a particular focus on rural and semi-urban areas. This network is trusted by over a hundred esteemed service providers, including some of the nation's largest corporations. Guided by Ketan's leadership, his company remains steadfastly dedicated to its social and environmental responsibilities. Through our comprehensive digital solutions and accessible distribution channels across India, we aim to reduce carbon footprints and extend financial literacy to the unbanked and underserved population of Bharat, empowering them to partake in the digital financial revolution. Ketan Doshi epitomizes the perfect blend of business acumen, visionary leadership, and social consciousness, making him a truly inspiring figure in the industry.

All Sessions by Ketan Doshi

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Technology Enablers in Capital Markets

Session 3 delves into how technology, from blockchain to AI, is transforming capital markets, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility. Electronic trading platforms and fintech solutions are revolutionizing wealth management dynamics, democratizing investment opportunities.

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