Sandeep Tandon

Sandeep Tandon

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Sandeep is the founder & chief investment officer of the quant Group and has a vast experience of over 27 years in the capital markets. His journey in the money management business started in FY 1992-93 with GIC mutual fund (a JV partner with George Soros in India) where he was a trainee. He later joined IDBI Asset Management (now Principal Asset Management), where he was a founding member and was part of the core team that initialized the asset management business. He played a key role in devising, conceptualizing and marketing one of India’s most successful mutual fund schemes: IDBI I-NITS 95. Furthermore, Sandeep worked in pivotal positions at several reputed financial services firms including ICICI Securities (a JV partner with J P Morgan in India), Kotak Securities (a J V partner with Goldman Sachs in India) and REFCO (erstwhile global derivatives firm). He has also worked at the Economic Times Research Bureau (a research wing of Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited). Sandeep’s credentials as a Global Macro Strategist are well established. He has channeled his vast experiences, interests and novel thinking into building the Predictive Analytics framework and the dynamic VLRT investment framework of the quant group. It is these frameworks coupled with his deep understanding of various asset classes at a global level, including, credit, commodities, equities and now digital currencies that enable Sandeep in definitive identification of market inflexion points and arrive at conclusive micro and macro calls. Sandeep has a strong belief in quant Group’s role as a knowledge partner in creating awareness about latest developments in investment philosophy and ideas, such as behavioural research. It is for this reason that he believes investor education is of utmost importance and the group, under his leadership, has undertaken many initiatives in this regard. Based on this belief Sandeep authored a book titled ‘Being Relevant’ which was published in May 2019. This book builds on research covering decades, even centuries of data points, and distilled through quant’s VLRT Framework and Predictive Analytics indicators. The book further outlines the potential trajectory for the world in the coming decades that can help money managers and investors prepare for volatile times which will upend the conventional analytical methods and beliefs of the past decades.

All Sessions by Sandeep Tandon

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Fire-side Chat with Market Experts

A Fireside Chat with market experts offers an intimate and insightful exchange of ideas, transcending traditional panels to provide valuable insights into the financial landscape. Through informal conversations, seasoned professionals share experiences, strategies, and real-world examples, making complex financial concepts more accessible to both novice and seasoned investors.

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